My life, my thoughts


Whether it be a wall, a fence or a natural boundary. Is it ever good to be divided? Maybe one side feels better than the other, but even the builder is restricted. Isolation and separation will narrow your mind and... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Independent

That wrinkle of the nose, gorgeous, cute and trouble. My daughter is becoming a real, independent young woman. At 5 years old, she is determined to do things on her own. It is great to see, I never wanted a... Continue Reading →


My favourite time. While the world is sleeping, I relax and stress no more. Work and chores are done. Time for reading, watching or thinking. And then sleeping and dreaming. Regenerating for another day. Life.  Daily prompt: Later © Neil Hayes... Continue Reading →

Black and White

Almost every news, or information, item that appears on my facebook feed has no meaning. Pictures of a few maniacs used to justify hatred of an entire group. Images of a sick child with the suggestion to share or like... Continue Reading →


Watching my kids, tearing around on their bikes. Seemingly with no nerves, little daredevils with one mission, to have fun. Unaware of their father standing nervously by, waiting for disaster to strike. And, of course, occasionally it does. After all,... Continue Reading →

Childhood Memories

Some memories from your childhood seem to remain with you forever. Especially the colours, sounds and smells. And at times they are intrinsically linked. Some foods constantly remind me of a time, a place or an event. This is perhaps... Continue Reading →


To be creative Am I good enough? How to judge? Should I care? I want to create, contribute and share So, yes, I should care But not let the doubt stop me . . Daily Prompt: Doubt © Neil Hayes and... Continue Reading →

Graffiti, slur on society?

A blemish on our cities, or an artistic addition to our world? Graffiti, art form or hooliganism? It's a difficult and divisive topic, especially between generations. But it is something I have warmed to recently, having in the past had... Continue Reading →


We all need some personal space sometimes. Somewhere to escape. Whether it be a room in our homes, men love their mancaves. Or somewhere outside, in nature. Be it next to the river with a rod in hand, or up... Continue Reading →

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