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City Life

Surrounded by people, movement everywhere. Action, noise, life. Living in the city can sound stressful, and appear unattractive to those who prefer the countryside. But, for me, life in the city affords too many opportunities to miss. But I am... Continue Reading →


Do you remember when learning was so much fun? Learning how to throw stones is very different to, let's say, particle physics. But, at the same time, the joy of knowledge should be the same. Watching my children learn and... Continue Reading →


A sunny day changes perspectives in so many ways. Warming rays give us energy, stiff bones becomes loose again. Dark moods melt away and are replaced by optimism and joy. Our points of view are changed in so many ways.... Continue Reading →

The European Lifestyle?

What is the European lifestyle? Often, these days, I here people defending their histories and cultures. In an attempt to fight off change, from a fear of difference. Even countries which were, relatively, newly founded by immigrants are scared of... Continue Reading →


Grey day, looking for the path. Searching for connections. Will the lines converge? Needs and desires, a disconnect. Waiting for that moment, synchronicity. ... Daily Prompt: Gray © Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

Zip and it’s Gone

Be quick or it's gone. Whether it is life or a squirrel, don't wait too long. Don't wait, but do.  Everyone knows this, but so few of us listen. I keep telling myself this all the time. But do I... Continue Reading →

Avid Readers All

Well, it seems my son is going to take after me. After only a few months in school, he is already a dedicated reader. He practices every night, with no complaints. When he gets a new book, he starts reading... Continue Reading →


Whether it be a wall, a fence or a natural boundary. Is it ever good to be divided? Maybe one side feels better than the other, but even the builder is restricted. Isolation and separation will narrow your mind and... Continue Reading →

Little Miss Independent

That wrinkle of the nose, gorgeous, cute and trouble. My daughter is becoming a real, independent young woman. At 5 years old, she is determined to do things on her own. It is great to see, I never wanted a... Continue Reading →

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