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Summer So Far

So Summer finally began. Sun, heat and fun. It's all been pretty hectic so far, and there is still more to come. Excellent! I will be writing, in more detail, about my family's trip to the UK. But, for now,... Continue Reading →


Did you say Summer?

The holidays are almost here, a time for fun and relaxation. Only one more week to go and the school gates will close for the summer. On the last day we will run from school. Celebrating, shouting, screaming and jumping... Continue Reading →


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The Now

Committing, doing, achieving. Wanting isn't enough. We all spend too much time dreaming, I certainly do. I want to change; attitudes, work, life. But how to do it? It just seems too much, too impossible. Self-doubt. Too old, too set... Continue Reading →


Growing, changing, morphing. Watching a person evolve. It is such a privilege to be a witness to such an event. Having such an influence, such a responsibility. They have already changed so much, and surely that change will continue exponentially... Continue Reading →

Beat the Competition

It's hard being a parent, isn't it? There are so many ways in which you can affect how your child grows and matures. Everything from your behaviour, to which activities you choose for them. It all contributes to the final... Continue Reading →

Information Overload

You can never have too much information, right? Information means education, that's knowledge, right? But, currently it seems it is possible to have too much information. Because, after all, information does not have to be true. It is just a... Continue Reading →


Summertime aromas, drifting through the air. Juices dripping and sizzling on the coals. Laughter and joy, carried on the gentle, warm breeze. Steaks, cooked to perfection. Crisp, colourful salads. Ice cold beer. Exhausted, but happy children. The journey home. Reflection.... Continue Reading →


Life, nature, animals Struggling for survival Fighting every day Combatting each other Striving for more Destroying as they go Corrupting, defiling, twisting Oh, sorry, that's just us . . Daily Prompt: Survive  © Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

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