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Foreign: Just a word

Foreign. What's your first thought? The answer will tell you a lot about yourself. Does it strike you with fear? Or does it evoke a sense of wonder? It covers most places in the world, most people, most everything. For... Continue Reading →


Follow the flow

Following the flow of a meandering river has to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing ways to spend your time. You come across so much, if you are paying attention. Nature, wildlife, civilisation and, if you are unlucky,... Continue Reading →


When a child, they are a god to you They lead, you follow Bigger, stronger, more confident Then you grow, begin to catch up And finally overtake You want to learn, to improve But they seem to be stuck in... Continue Reading →


Do you ever get a feeling? One that you can't quite put your finger on. It sits there, at the back of your mind. Just a thought that something isn't quite right, or not as it should be. A feeling... Continue Reading →


Worn, torn, used, abused. Belongings that tell a story. Every scratch, every line, shows life. The character of a thing, etched into its surface. Looking back, in years ahead, these signs of use can bring memories shooting back, sometimes in... Continue Reading →

Ignorance: My Allergy

This is probably a popular answer to the question, "What are you allergic to?", but ignorance certainly gets the biggest reaction from me. Whether it is a lack of education, a lack of empathy or simply a lack of care.... Continue Reading →


Just imagine what's inside. Looking at buildings like this is always fascinating. I'm not brave enough to be an urban explorer, but watching their discoveries can be fascinating. Not being used anymore, what a waste. What is inside? But even... Continue Reading →

Life Theory

We all have one Sometimes thought out Sometimes instinctive Which is better? To think or to act? Why not both? . . © Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish Daily Post: Theory

Season’s Greetings

Sunday was cold, really cold. When the wind blew, it blew straight through you. But it was the perfect day for a family walk to the Christmas Markets. It's just not the same, if it's not cold. So with the... Continue Reading →

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