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5k, I made it!

After finishing the 9-week Couch to 5k program, and being able to run for 30 minutes, I have been continuing to run and slowly built to running 4k. And believe me I was more than happy with that. But 5... Continue Reading →


Discovering Krkonoše National Park, The Czech Republic

I have visited this National Park several times and, having lived in the Czech Republic for more than a decade, thought I knew what to expect of it. But a recent family trip proved to me how wrong I was.... Continue Reading →

I’m a runner, apparently?

Yes! I did it, C25k completed. Ok, at the moment, it's more like couch to 30 minutes, but I still can't believe it. When I think back to the first week of this program, when I was out of breath... Continue Reading →

C25k: Progress

First things first, no those aren't my legs, maybe one day. For now I am into week 6 of the Couch to 5k training plan and I am loving it. Apart from a short break, due to a back spasm,... Continue Reading →

Grumpy Man in Legoland

This title was my prediction for the trip. A grumpy bugger, with a bad back, driving for hours, then walking for a couple of days surrounded by other people's screaming children. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, doesn't it? Well,... Continue Reading →

Thin Skin

Don't laugh, don't joke. Don't criticise or question. It seems these days, so many people are suffering from a lack of strength. The thin skinned, the snowflakes, whatever title they are given they seem to take offence at everything. Those... Continue Reading →

Running! Who Me?

Running? Me? Really? Come on! Yes, really! It's only the beginning, but, at least, I have begun. Inspired by my sister to join the Couch to 5k challenge. I'd never heard of it before, but when I did, something clicked... Continue Reading →

Crank – 4 Ways

Feeling bad-tempered, so don't wind me up. I could get weird, with too much stimulation. . . Daily Prompt: Crank © Neil Hayes and neilsworldofenglish

Foreign: Just a word

Foreign. What's your first thought? The answer will tell you a lot about yourself. Does it strike you with fear? Or does it evoke a sense of wonder? It covers most places in the world, most people, most everything. For... Continue Reading →

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