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With Me or Against Me

We live in a binary world. We worry that technology is taking over, but that isn't my real worry. It is simply that every thought, every opinion seems to be a 1 or a 0. You're with me or against... Continue Reading →



It all matters. Every word, every action. Both within our nuclear families and our wider family in the world. Habits are learned and practised, they become ingrained. How we live, behave and interact. What is irrelevant is our frustration with... Continue Reading →

Welsh Wedding

The most special day of the summer. The wedding day. Not mine, but that of my nephew. He found the right girl, she found the right boy. After the stress of the buildup, the day finally comes. Family and friends,... Continue Reading →

The Beach – Barry Island

There have been many fun days during this summer. Lots of interesting places, chances to both play and relax. But one day stands out, our trip to the Welsh seaside. My family and I live in the Czech Republic which,... Continue Reading →

My Struggle: Book Review

Karl Ove Knausgaard. Honestly, I'd never heard of him. Until, last year, I started reading about this guy. People were saying that he has been writing the literary accomplishment of the decade/century, apparently. Quite a claim, and somewhat hard to... Continue Reading →

Summer So Far

So Summer finally began. Sun, heat and fun. It's all been pretty hectic so far, and there is still more to come. Excellent! I will be writing, in more detail, about my family's trip to the UK. But, for now,... Continue Reading →

Did you say Summer?

The holidays are almost here, a time for fun and relaxation. Only one more week to go and the school gates will close for the summer. On the last day we will run from school. Celebrating, shouting, screaming and jumping... Continue Reading →


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The Now

Committing, doing, achieving. Wanting isn't enough. We all spend too much time dreaming, I certainly do. I want to change; attitudes, work, life. But how to do it? It just seems too much, too impossible. Self-doubt. Too old, too set... Continue Reading →

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